Job Title: Executive Director
Time Commitment: 40 Hours per Week
Position Type: Salaried

Job Overview
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: The Executive Director of the Dream Center will provide strategic leadership to the organization on a day-to-day basis and with a vision that fulfills the mission of enhancing clients’ quality of life, expanding community awareness of needs, and providing God’s loving gifts to all in need.

Job Description
• Collaborate with the Board of Directors to identify, create, and implement strategic plans to fulfill the Dream Center Mission
• Inform the Board regularly of internal organization matters
• Oversee daily operations of DC and ensure operations comply with regulatory and legal requirements
• Develop programs and systems to be continually effective, efficient, and relevant to client needs
• Lead the organizational culture of Christ-centered compassion, care, and stewardship
• Manage Dream Center’s budget and ensure that it is financially viable and sustainable for growth
• Identify and pursue potential sources of funding, including grants and fundraising opportunities.
• Implement a minimum of one capital campaign per year
• Develop partnerships with local churches and organizations that will help support the Dream Center’s mission and expand community awareness of client needs
• Lead the way in recruiting and training paid and volunteer staff
• 32 – 40 hours per week
A candidate for this position must have an aptitude for people development and organizational leadership, a vocational and educational resume that supports a proven leadership and business management talent, and a passion for serving people in need.
• Proven people and organizational leadership skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Reputation of integrity
• Visionary thinker
• Agrees with the Dream Center mission, values, and statements of belief
• Is a committed participant of a local Christian church

Supervisor: Dream Center Board
Date Updated: 08.03.2022

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